Affordable Housing is Public Health

Affordable housing is directly linked to public health. There are low-income seniors, veterans, and minorities in our community, who are, right this moment, experiencing no access to decent, safe, and affordable housing, many are now homeless or on the brink of homelessness.

The National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) is a research and advocacy organization dedicated solely to achieving affordable and decent homes for the lowest income people in our communities. According to their 2020 Out of Reach Report, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were over 120 thousand extremely low-income Coloradians spending more than half of their incomes on housing while sacrificing other necessities like food and healthcare. The pandemic has compounded this crisis with the high number of job losses it has created.

This is a very serious crisis that should concern all of us. We shouldn’t allow our seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, minorities, and other low-income families with children to be forced into homelessness through no fault of their own. Mortgage lenders and key community stakeholders must be brought to the table and held accountable for milking this tumultuous housing market. Many mortgage investors and banks are turning away government housing programs like VA and Hud in favor of conventional loans because the profits are higher, creating a further housing barrier for our citizen

I urge you to be involved and attend City Council Meetings and contact your elected representatives about your own experience and concerns surrounding affordable housing. The 2020 housing plan calls for building 1,000 units per year. Their plan would help our community build, preserve, and create opportunities for affordable apartments and homeownership at a pace that would match the growth of our city. Your city representatives need to hear from you. I urge you to help support their efforts to prevent and end homelessness in our community.

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