Affordable Housing


2020 was the first year of implementation of the Colorado Springs affordable housing plan. All elements of the plan I would continue to advocate for with special emphasis on implementing the Cares Act to help individuals and families at the most risk of being without housing. Homelessness puts a burden on many systems such as social services, food banks, nonprofits, emergency services. This diminishes the capability of the community. The city has seen the growth of affordable housing advocacy groups gathering data, researching, and engaging residents in dialogue and direct action. I will support these groups as they generate a positive grassroots momentum and add a great deal to both creating affordable housing and housing more affordable.

2020 to 2024 Colorado Springs Consolidated Plan/Colorado Department of Development.

 El Paso County will see a 32% increase in population in the next 20 years. 3000 persons per year are moving into the Pikes Peak region. The fastest growing groups in El Paso County are ages 20 – 34 and 65+. Housing is a fundamental requirement of every person. Progress in life is often disrupted by unplanned events in life experiences such as death in divorce, which both have impacted my life personally.
 Development costs keep rising which slows advancement on progress. Private sector wages in El Paso County are 17% lower than state and national averages. Community progress is largely quantified by affordable housing, improved health, higher education attainment and improved financial stability. All three of these elements are in our issues of focus and will be a focus of my efforts when elected.

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