I’m currently examining a 2020 to 2020 for transportation improvement plan for the Moving Forward 2045 initiative. The plan has 10 projects proposed which have considerable impact on this area with a price tag of 125 million. There is also a Front Range Passenger Rail project with an estimated 14 million price tag. Transportation and the… Continue reading Transportation

What does it mean to live below the Poverty Line?

According to the Census Bureau’s 2018 poverty threshold, the poverty level for a household of four is an annual income of $25,100 (Lino, 2017). The federal poverty level is the indicator the U.S. government uses to determine who can receive assistance. Being poor means basic material needs like rent, utilities, food, and clean water, aren’t… Continue reading What does it mean to live below the Poverty Line?

Community Development

Health is directly connected to social variables within a community. Communities are social organizations made up of social networks, relationships and culture interactions. Communities are organized rather than organic. Meaning that they exist only through the people and groups interacting within them. Communities are therefore social systems made up of learned behaviors, including health and… Continue reading Community Development