Womens Health

I have two sets of twin daughters. They are exceptional young women. I taught them to be strong and stand up for their rights. I love and respect my daughters beyond words. My house was filled with women’s issues. I know enough about women’s issues to know that it’s just that…a woman’s issue. I would… Continue reading Womens Health

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COVID-19 Vigilance

I was the Grand Teton National Park safety & health officer when the 2009 H1N1 pandemic hit. My response to this was absolute public health textbook and proactive. Meeting and collaborating with local, county, and state emergency management and public health officials regularly all while addressing issues in the park and our housing community to… Continue reading COVID-19 Vigilance


Healthcare faces an unprecedented set of challenges. The Colorado Health Care Policy and Finance (HCPF) manual outlines the action plans, goals and projects for success. I will align my efforts to achieve the mission of improving healthcare equity, access, and outcomes for the people I serve while saving Coloradans’ cost on healthcare. The fastest growing cost… Continue reading Healthcare

How to cut Healthcare Costs

When people are healthier, healthcare cost go down. Lowering healthcare costs will strengthen the economy by giving companies faced with rapidly growing healthcare cost the incentive to invest more into the US economy, thus creating more jobs that would help lift people out of poverty. Saving millions of dollars creates more wealth (capital) for communities,… Continue reading How to cut Healthcare Costs