Why I’m Running

Simply to give power back to the people by electing a leader that serves all the people in the district, & one that actually takes the congressional district work periods seriously to communicate and be involved with the district. By providing more Townhall’s than in the past, I will provide new opportunities for constituents to communicate with me in both rural and urban areas. Coffee with Congressman! It’s time for higher echelon thinking. The current Colorado rate of growth will largely increase the population of our district.

The lack of foresight and initiative by the current district 5 congressional leader has failed to address the predicted population increase. With over 3000 persons per year moving into the El Paso County area alone, it is time to get a leader that has the confidence, stamina, experience and qualifications that will establish and build healthy communities, better quality of life, and representation for everyone. Regular communication is necessary to allow for more transparency and accountability. The U.S. Congressional position works for the prosperity of the people that voted them into office, not any particular political party and its agenda.

I have exemplified courage by launching myself into harm’s way time after time to bring people to safety…that will never change. Please join me today in pursuing a better future that is absent of divisiveness and constitutional obstruction.

As Your U.S. Congressional District 5 Representative—

I will communicate with key community leaders and my constituents regularly by way of town halls, coffee with congressmen, and other community events. I will establish a new line of communication that effectively captures district issues. I will utilize the district work periods to address issues at home for you in the district rather than kowtow to big donors that don’t live here.

I will stand up in public for you and every citizen of this district debating issues on stage and representing your interests on the legislative floor.